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Beware! Football's Latest Disease, Fickle Fan Syndrome

Over recent months I've noticed the spreading of a new disease in football, its symptoms include memory loss, myopia and something allied to Tourette's syndrome. I've taken to calling it Fickle Fan Syndrome and it seems to apply equally to all Clubs.

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Half And Half Scarves Are A Sad Symbolism Of Modern Day Football

Astonished, ashamed and disappointed, these are just a few clean words I can conjure up to describe my feelings about the growing popularity of the Premier League half and half scarf, it's a sad symbolisation of how football and supporters in general, have changed over the last twenty years or so.

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The Sad State Of The English National Team And The Premier League

I saw England win the World Cup in 1966. On TV I will admit but I saw it. The players are legends now and held in the highest esteem, one of which is Sir Bobby Charlton.

I also saw United beat Benfica at the very same Wembley in 1968. George Best was alongside the very same Bobby Charlton. Golden years.

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Despite Pogba Starring For Juve, United Were Still Right To Let Him Go

It doesn’t matter which club you are. Whether you’re Hereford or Barcelona, every once in a while a club has to let go a young talent that ideally they’d have liked to have kept. It happens all the time in the football.

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After Suarez's Latest Handball, Does Football Want A Society Of Cheaters?

The sight of Luis Suarez clearly cheating to knock Mansfield Town out of the FA Cup encouraged me to question the ethics of footballers.

Over the years we have seen players cheat and prosper, from diving to deliberate handball, they continue to try and deceive the officials.

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Bring Back The European Cup, The Cup Winners Cup And The UEFA Cup

After reading Michel Platini's ideas on expanding the Champions League to 64 teams, I thought I would write an article on my thoughts.

European competition has been under many guises, but the ones I enjoyed the most were the European Cup and the Cup-Winners Cup.

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Money's The Reason Why UEFA Want A 64-Team Champions League

I thought I'd seriously overslept this morning waking to the news that the Champions League could become the ‘Chumpions League’ by allowing it to contain 64 teams. I thought I'd slept to the 1st of April.

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Why The Premier League Is Now A Tale Of Two Cities

Only 40 miles separates Manchester from Liverpool with 200 miles between them and London, but these 3 Cities are the dominant forces of British football, and it would be a good pub quiz question to ask when was the last winner of the English premier division came from outside these Cities, and perhaps someone with enormous foresight to determine the next winner from outside London or Manchester.

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Can Cluj, The Manchester City Of Romania Trouble United In Champions League?

“We can win this group”, was Arpad Paszkany’s first statement after CFR Cluj was drawn in the same group with Manchester United, Braga and Galatasaray.

Nobody can suspect the owner of CFR Cluj of exuberance, even after his team get into the Champions League group stage after 4 victories: two against the Czech champions, Slovan Liberec, and then another double against Basel.

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Football Ownership Is No Place For The Feint Hearted

In recent years it strikes me that the ownership of football clubs is an important factor in the on-field performance of the team. There seems to be several ownership models which I've broadly divided into 4 groups:-

1) Mega rich owners
2) In it for the money owners
3) The fans owners
4) Not sure I know why owners

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Can United Match Wall Street's Expectations This Season?

As the share price of Manchester United falls to $13.42 the impact of the signing of Robin van Persie failed to register with investors.

Frankly that's because the expectation on Wall Street is that Champions League football is an annual certainty, and the only growth in income will be from selling the brand more widely. For investors Man United is just a name like Nike. Success is simply the means to access the wallets of the customers.

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Why PSG Beat United to Lucas Signing

It's no secret that following their sale from Colony Capital to Qatar Investment Authority, PSG have done nothing but spend money. Having already added the likes of Kévin Gameiro, Javier Pastore, Jérémy Ménez, Alex, Thiago Motta and Maxwell last season, they've been heavy in the transfer market once again this summer.

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