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Manchester United In The Race For Di Maria: Why It’s Unlikely To Happen

New manager Louis van Gaal has identified midfield and the wide positions as the areas which need the most reinforcement this summer. Di Maria would transform United.

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Moyes Needs Patience At United To Carry On Sir Alex's Legacy

Manchester United is bigger than any one man, and so the events of the last week bring change at our Club while the Reds go marching on.

The only constant in football is change and so none of this surprises me.

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Bale And Van Persie Battle For Premier League's MVP

Gareth Bale seemingly is etching his name ever so closely to becoming a truly great player. In American sports the player of the year in a league gets the MVP (most valuable player) award.

In England this award is called the ‘player of the year’ award. When I think about who should win the Premier League’s award, two players come to mind. Bale and Manchester United’s very own Robin van Persie.

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Snow Joke For United Thanks To Dempsey's Late Goal

Games between Tottenham and Manchester United are always full of entertainment. They are bright and lively and this one was no different. Here are the five talking points from this match:

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After Suarez's Latest Handball, Does Football Want A Society Of Cheaters?

The sight of Luis Suarez clearly cheating to knock Mansfield Town out of the FA Cup encouraged me to question the ethics of footballers.

Over the years we have seen players cheat and prosper, from diving to deliberate handball, they continue to try and deceive the officials.

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Transfer Window Proves That Some Clubs Are Fickle

The transfer window opens and immediately those who are having a bad time splash the cash on players that have traditionally not delivered the goods in the long run.

Given that money is hard to come by these days, Liverpool see a bargain in buying Danny Sturridge for £12m plus a 5 year contract worth £20m more, while they also pay Joe Cole half of his contract to simply walk away back home to West Ham.

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Shock! A Top-Flight European Match Without Theatrics!

Over the last couple of years, everyone would pretty much agree that the level of un-sportsmanship behaviour has been rising in the Premier League. The likes of Luis Suarez, Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez have all come under criticism for their behaviour over the last 18 or so months.

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FA Should Punish Suarez As Divers Continue To Make A Joke Of The Game

As the dust settles on another weekend of Premier League action, it seems the most talked about incident was the embarrassing and shameful dive that Liverpool's Luis Suarez performed to try and win his side a penalty kick against Stoke City at Anfield.

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Until United Stop Leaking Goals, We're Always Be Playing Catch-Up In Games

My recent assessments of Manchester United's games seem to have settled into a consistent pattern of - bad start, deteriorates into a fiasco by halftime, presumably a roasting with the hair dryer with the cuppa followed by a recovery concluding with post match report about the Referee, time keeping or penalty appeals.

Wigan, Spurs, Southampton, Galatasary - different teams but same modus operandi. Why?

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Awful Defending And Midfield Prove Downfalls As United Lose To Spurs

Normally I don’t get too angry when Manchester United lose. However after last night’s shambles of a defeat at home to Andre Villas-Boas’ Spurs, I am angry. Really angry to be precise. Here are five main talking points from today’s game.

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Fryers Leaves United For Spurs

Over the years the crème de la crème of European football’s top clubs have been criticised for poaching young talent not only from abroad but from smaller clubs in their own domestic leagues. This has happened for years, believe it or not.

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Redknapp Leaves Spurs After Restoring Their Pride

In January Harry Redknapp was leading Spurs into the Champions League and was the odds-on favourite to succeed Fabio Capello and lead England into the Euros. Just who would have thought he would have been jobless this summer?

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